Drago places much needed focus on the requirements of the 3 parties involved in the planning, building and installation of its products.

The Client, with his/her expectations in terms of supplier reliability (time/cost/quality) and the final esthetic outcome.

The Designer, who we need to collaborate with closely and provide him/her the opportunity to respond creatively to the needs of the project (exchanging technical ideas, experimentation, the participation of the research and development center, developing the final design, samples).

The Company, who requires concrete answers (technical support in the work site, an exchange of operational procedures, personalizing deliveries, assistance during installation)

Drago is a leading Italian company that produces coordinating systems for windows, curtain walls, doors, paneling, exterior window shutters, louvered doors, interior shutters, brise-soleils and customized projects.

Drago dedicates creative and productive resources to large scale orders. The company is constantly developing its know-how in order to respond to the challenges of the market. Drago is able to customize and adapt production, as well as produce made-to-measure products in close collaboration with designers and clients. We have worked with numerous well-respected architects: Alvaro Siza, Giancarlo De Carlo, Leon Krier, and many others.

Based in northern Italy, near Asti, Drago operates internationally. In conjunction with projects for important modern residential and public buildings, resorts and hotels, Drago has built windows and doors for buildings and historical urban settings, where restrictions are imposed by the Monuments and Fine Arts Office, farm houses, castles and country villas in Italy and abroad. We are passionate about our work, we have an eye for sophisticated style, and at the same time we are able to guarantee the capacity of industrial production, with large volumes at competitive prices.

Product warranty

The Drago company cares about the quality of its products, which it ensures with a 5-year warranty towards the final client on the paintwork of the product, not to mention quality certifications, energy efficiency and acoustic certification and the CE trademark in compliance with applicable regulations.

In addition to certification of the quality management system ISO 9001:2000, the company has long since obtained environmental management ISO 14001 as well, thanks to the company’s constant focus on protecting the environment. Drago produces 12,000 pieces in Italy every year at its 2 production plants in the province of Asti.